Dolly Wanted A New Living Room Set

Dolly wanted a new living room set but her husband kept saying. “No.” Every day she would ask him to please let her have the set. Every day he would say. “No.” One day he decided to end this discussion once and for all. When Dolly asked, he looked at her and said. “You can have that living room set you have been wanting, but only on one condition.”

Dolly was so excited! “Anything you want, honey!” Well.” He began. “When you grow hair on your chest, I’ll buy you that living room.” “Grow hair on my chest?” Dolly was devastated. “How am I going to do that?” Her husband just smiled and went off to work. Arriving home that night, he found Dolly waiting for him. Her eyes sparkled and the smile she wore was almost as big as the day they wed.

“Honey.” She trilled. “I ordered my living room set this afternoon!” “You did?” Her husband stammered. “You have hair on your chest now? I mean real hair, not a toupee, or some animal hair pasted on!” “I sure do!” She replied. “No way! Let me see it.” Replied her husband. “OK!” She said as she lifted up her skirt. “There it is!” She pointed to her privates. “HONEY! That is not your chest!” “Oh, yes it is! Before we were married it was your ‘hope’ chest. Since we’ve been married it’s been your ‘tool’ chest. And if I don’t get my living room set, it’s going to be the ‘community’ chest!”

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