A poor farmer stumbled onto an unexplored cave

When he first saw it, he hesitated to approach it, fearful of what lay beyond. Nonetheless, this cave would later prove to be a priceless treasure for the region and researchers worldwide…

The Earth is a place of wonders, each of which more breathtaking than the other. The truth is that we are still unaware of everything this world keeps hidden from the human eye.

It was 1991 when a farmer from Vietnam discovered a cave which seemed to be unexplored at that point. It was located in Vietnam’s Phon Nha-Ke Bang National Park. Sadly, he was as well unable to get inside because of the deafening roar of water which greeted him at the entrance.

It took some years before British explorers decided to get inside the cave and what they stumbled upon left them completely speechless.

The place has been described as heaven on Earth and it definitely resembles something divine.

Inside the cave there are lakes with crystal clear water, finest sand in the world, and even a river. Soon Dong, the cave, is considered largest in the world with measuring 5 kilometers in length and 150 meters in width.

What is most impressive of all is that inside this magnificent cave there are clouds and even plants and wildlife.

In order to get inside, you first need to descend 80 meters on a rope, but it’s more than worth it.

To see what this stunning place looks like, take a look at the photos below. Breathtaking indeed.

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