Mom Of Biracial Son Is Suing His School For “Brainwashing” Him With CRT

Being a parent in a two parent household is hard enough. Being a single parent has to be even harder. Add to that being a single parent to a biracial child who is suddenly feeling like the world is against him because of his race, and mama bear is about to come out.

Melissa Riley is white and native American. She has one child, a 13-year-old boy, who is mixed race. The father is black. She has been raising her son on her own, and even though they live in a predominantly white part of Virginia, Riley and her son have never experienced racism until recently.

In an interview on Fox News, Riley explained that her son’s middle school in the Albemarle School District recently started an “anti-racism” policy, but she feels that the new policy is actually racist and that the school has been “brainwashing” him. For example, she claims that now whenever anything negative happens in his life, he blames racism. Even when his mom asks him to clean his room, he claims racism.

Riley decided to sue the school. Watch the video below to hear Riley explain how the school’s policy has negatively impacted her son and hear her lawyer explain the school’s reaction to the lawsuit.

Riley ended up losing the court case. Albemarle Circuit Judge Claude Worrell II ended up dismissed the case. Worrell, who happens to be black, claimed that he didn’t see any evidence of harm from the school’s policy. He said, “I think it happens during education that certain people are made to feel uncomfortable about history and their place in it.” He added, “What is wrong with asking students to question themselves and the culture so they can learn something about it?”

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) filed the lawsuit against the school district on Riley’s behalf. According to Ryan Bangert, one of ADF’s lawyers, “The problem is that school districts are increasingly adopting these curriculums that teach kids that they’re entirely determined by the color of their skin, that their future is completely controlled by their race. But not only that, but their race determines if they fall into a category of oppressors or oppressed, that they are guilty based on their race, or that they are going to be permanently disadvantaged and oppressed based on their race. And it’s a completely disempowering message.”

Do you agree with Riley that her son’s school’s “anti-racism” policy actually sounds racist or do you agree with Worrell that the school’s policy is not a problem? How would you react if your children claimed “racism” when you told them to clean their room?

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