Vegan TikToker shocked after popular restaurant refused to serve her: ‘We don’t cater for vegans’

A well-known vegan content creator on TikTok has expressed her astonishment following a situation where a well-liked restaurant declined to serve her, allegedly citing the reason as: “We do not provide options for vegans.”

Amie-Beth Steadman, hailing from Essex, England, was taken aback when she contacted the popular barbecue restaurant located in Chigwell, named Sheesh. Regrettably, the response she received was quite disheartening.

Upon inquiring about the restaurant’s ability to accommodate her plant-based dietary preferences, she received a curt and direct response. She then vented her frustration to her followers on TikTok.

“Having visited Sheesh a few years ago and being a vegan, I noticed there were no vegan options on their main menu. I thought, maybe I could create a meal by combining some sides like chips and rice,” she narrated in a three-minute video.

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She recounted her previous attempt to approach the restaurant in a similar manner, which had been met with refusal. Unfazed by this, she decided to take a proactive step this time by calling in advance to gather more information about potential vegan menu options. However, her conversation with a restaurant staff member reportedly took an unexpected turn.

According to Amie-Beth, she shared, “The woman on the other end of the line plainly said, ‘We do not accommodate vegans.’ When my friend further inquired, suggesting the option of ordering a combination of sides to create a main course, the employee’s response was truly surprising.”

The staff member purportedly replied, “I can’t even fathom why a vegan would consider dining at our establishment.”

Amie-Beth conveyed her disappointment about the exchange, underscoring that being a vegan is neither uncommon nor extraordinary. “We were merely posing a question. If that’s the policy, that’s one thing, but to ask ‘why would a vegan even want to come here?’ I struggle to believe that a well-established restaurant could exhibit such rudeness,” she appended.

This incident garnered substantial support from her social media followers, many of whom criticized Sheesh for its seemingly insensitive stance.

“If a restaurant doesn’t include vegan, vegetarian, or gluten-free choices in 2023, it’s out of touch! No excuses,” one user commented, while another added, “This is quite perplexing. What’s the issue with opting for an assortment of sides instead of a main course? I don’t comprehend.”

Yet, not all individuals shared the same viewpoint, with some highlighting the restaurant’s specialization in meat offerings.

“Do not take a vegan or vegetarian to a barbecue restaurant, end of story. It’s that straightforward,” chimed in a user.

Amie-Beth promptly corrected this misconception, asserting that Sheesh is, in fact, a “Turkish restaurant” and highlighting that many Turkish establishments offer vegan options like falafel. She also noted that even steakhouses have accommodated vegan customers.

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