Florida mom gives birth to rare set of identical twins with Down syndrome

“I wouldn’t want those babies; if my babies were born like that, they’d be put up for adoption,” one individual told the mother. And she had the ideal response for this lady.

Identical twins are a miracle all by themselves. Births like this happen three or four times in 1000.

Savannah Combs, a first time mother, learned she was carrying twins. She and her husband were overjoyed by the thought of welcoming two babies.

Everything went well with the pregnancy and the couple learned they were expecting girls. However, they also learned that their identical twins both had Down Syndrome. The news came as a shock at first, but Savannah, 23, soon realized that the condition only meant that her girls would be super special. She didn’t mind they would be born with the syndrome. Of course, she was aware that there would be people who wouldn’t accept her bundles of joy, but that didn’t concern her a great deal.

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