Mom Moves Into New Home But Her Dog Starts Acting Strangely, Then She Looks Closer At The Walls

Unforeseen reptilian occupants have turned a dream home into a nightmare for one Colorado resident. Amber Hall, a new homeowner in Centennial, was thrilled when she found a spacious four-bedroom, two-bathroom house that seemed perfect for her family. Little did she know, lurking in the shadows were unwelcome guests of the slithering kind.

Hall’s unsettling discovery occurred while she was unpacking her belongings. As her dog exhibited peculiar behavior, she investigated the source of his concern, expecting to find a harmless spider. To her horror, she found two large snakes coiled up near a door leading to the backyard. Alarmed, she immediately sought assistance.

Photo Credit: Denver7

Photo Credit: Denver7

Since the initial encounter ten days ago, Hall has been plagued by a total of ten snakes making appearances. Despite conducting research and consulting experts, the identification of the serpents remains uncertain. Some speculate they could be an unusually large variety of garter snakes, but their sheer size has baffled observers.

The intrusion of these reptiles has left Hall in a state of constant fear and anxiety. She now dreads opening boxes, fearing the presence of snakes hiding among her belongings. Determined to resolve the situation, Hall enlisted the help of a professional snake wrangler who specializes in humane snake removal. So far, no harm has come to any of the snakes, but their presence continues to haunt her.

Photo Credit: Denver7

Photo Credit: Denver7

Hall’s ordeal has come at a considerable financial cost, as she has already spent approximately $1,000 on snake removal services. However, her quest for peace of mind may require more drastic measures, such as tearing up concrete to locate the snake den. Until the situation is fully resolved, Hall’s dream of enjoying her new home remains elusive.

Denver7 reached out to the realty company involved in the home purchase, who expressed surprise at the snake infestation. They assured Hall that if any previous sightings had occurred, they would have disclosed the information. This snake invasion is unprecedented in their experience.

Photo Credit: Denver7

Photo Credit: Denver7

Joe Sheftel, president of Blue Tick Pest and Wildlife Control, shed light on the potential reasons behind the snake presence. He suggested that the discovery of multiple snakes in such a short period indicates the possible existence of an underground snake den near the garage. As the weather warms, snakes emerge from their hiding places, leading to an increase in sightings.

To prevent such situations, Sheftel recommended sealing foundation cracks and other vulnerable areas to deter snakes from seeking shelter. He also emphasized the importance of pest inspections during the home-buying process, which many companies offer free of charge.

Photo Credit: Denver7

Photo Credit: Denver7

With her unsettling snake encounter, Amber Hall serves as a cautionary tale for prospective homebuyers. While home inspections typically focus on mechanical and structural aspects, it may be prudent to consider pest inspections to ensure a dwelling free from unexpected reptilian roommates. With professional assistance and preventive measures, homeowners can achieve peace of mind and keep their sanctuaries snake-free.

Sources: KOAA News5

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