Family Reject Developers Who Build Suburb Around Their House, Here’s How Much Their Property Is Worth Now

Note: we are republishing this story which originally made the news in May 2023.

In a resolute display of determination, an Australian family has steadfastly resisted the allure of selling their sprawling nearly 5-acre property despite the relentless march of developers around them.

The latest twist in their saga saw them turning down a jaw-dropping $50 million offer for their residence, as reported by local outlet 7News.

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Situated smack in the heart of a burgeoning new-build development in The Ponds area near Quakers Hill city, the Zammits have underlined their unwavering commitment to a home they consider priceless.

This steadfastness stands in stark contrast to the modern housing panorama that now envelops their time-honored property, creating an oasis amidst the residential surge.

Their neighbors commend their resilience, cherishing the unique enclave they’ve created that deters the usual through traffic, transforming their locale into a peaceful cul-de-sac.

Taylor Bredin, a representative from Ray White Quakers Hill, commended their tenacity, stating, “While many others chose to move on years ago, these folks held on steadfastly. Kudos to them.”

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Bredin ventured to estimate that their land could potentially house up to 50 residences, with subdivided 3,200-square-foot lots potentially fetching a million dollars each.

Diane Zammit, 51, recounted the area’s past, painting a picture of “farmland adorned with quaint red brick homes and charming cottages.”

She lamented, “Each place held its unique character, and space abounded. But those days are gone, the landscape has changed.”

The surrounding land plots were primarily snatched up in 2012, placing an approximate valuation of $4.75 million on the Zammits’ property a decade ago.

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Their majestic Windsor Castle-style abode stands as a testament, featuring a 650-foot driveway that winds through their expansive front yard.

Just a 40-minute journey from Sydney’s bustling core, the property presents panoramic views of the majestic Blue Mountains.

In contrast, neighboring high-density houses press up against the property’s periphery, embracing it in an embrace of urban development.

A time-lapse video circulating on Twitter showcases the home’s unyielding presence against the backdrop of ever-evolving construction over the years.

One observer empathized, remarking, “These poor folks simply yearn for a tranquil existence.”

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Photo Credit: unusual_whales/Twitter

Another chimed in, musing, “While $50 million seems a substantial sum, perhaps it could have secured them a new abode with a sweeping parcel of land, ensuring such a scenario doesn’t recur with their newfound land holdings.”

“Yet,” pondered yet another, “the sentiment tied to their dwelling might well justify their choice.”

Perhaps, in the end, happiness can’t be quantified by mere dollars and cents.

Sources: New York Post

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