Prayers are needed for “Duck Dynasty” star Uncle Si Robertson

Aafter struggling with his health for the past year and a half, the character of Uncle Si Robertson on Duck Dynasty is getting ready to have lung surgery.

The patient, who is 74 years old, expresses great enthusiasm about the upcoming treatment and claims that he will soon be back to filling everyone’s ears with his chatter.

In a number of episodes of the podcast titled “Duck Call Room,” Si Robertson has come clean about the fact that smoking is to blame, at least in part, for his poor lung health and breathing troubles.

In addition, he suffers from COPD, which made the early 2021 COVID-19 diagnosis quite concerning. Later on, he acknowledged that he had a fear that he wouldn’t make it through COVID.

His family and the other people who co-hosted his podcast pointed out that he didn’t do everything he could to assist himself.

In the segment titled “Uncle Si’s COVID-19 Story,” the four men recount how Si initially refused to go to the hospital and then, after being released home many days later, refused to take his medication. This all takes place in the context of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Eventually, he gave in and started feeling better after that. In May of 2022, he began to discuss the reasons behind his requirement for lung surgery.

In episode 146 of the Duck Call Room, Si mentions that when he takes a breath in, both of his lungs function normally.

One of his lungs is not functioning properly when he exhales, which is why he is scheduled to have surgery to have a device implanted in it that will enable the underperforming lung to exhale the necessary amount of air.

Surgery is imminent.

He says in the email, “There are a few more things we need to accomplish, but it looks like I’m approved for lung surgery.” “At that point, I’ll be able to fill your ears to bursting with even more tales, all of which are guaranteed to be 95 percent accurate.”

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