A mother leaves her 8 years old son at a gas station, accompanied by a note explaining that she can’t care for him due to his troublesome behavior.

Being a responsible parent requires extensive effort. It involves early instruction of children about morals and ethics, demanding significant time and patience. Regardless of occasional mischievous behavior in children, I’m convinced that thorough and meaningful discussions have the power to mend and mold young minds effectively.

Yet, a mother hailing from Pelalawan, Indonesia, reached her limit dealing with her badly behaved son. Consequently, she left him at the closest petrol station.

Beside him, she placed a message that read, “My dear child, please pardon me. Circumstances compel me to leave you on the roadside, as I can no longer bear witnessing your struggles and torments due to your troublesome behavior that leads to daily disruptions. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. Take good care of yourself.”

The local inhabitants noticed the bewildered 8 years old boy at the station during the late hours, which caused concern due to his solitary presence. They contacted the police and looked after the boy in the village until the authorities came.

Authorities suspect that the actual cause for leaving the child was the mistreatment he endured within his household.

Upon discovery, he displayed evident marks around his mouth and a facial injury. As per a translated account from Gridstar, the boy’s father would become furious and physically aggressive whenever his son acted recklessly or misbehaved.

The report additionally explains that prior to the desertion, there was an episode where the boy had physically harmed his two younger siblings. Consequently, when the father returned home, he inflicted harm upon the boy.

“The assailant tightly gripped the victim’s left pinky finger. Despite the victim’s cries, the perpetrator continued to use pliers to pinch both the little finger and ring finger,” stated Edy Haryanto, Pelalawan Iptu Police Public Relations Officer, as reported by Gridstar.

While in the process of disciplining their son, the boy’s mother entered the house and opted to shield her child from his father by leaving him behind. The parents were divorced.

Currently, the police are conducting an investigation into the matter. “Today, the parents, family members, the local neighborhood head, and all relevant parties were summoned for questioning by the Pangkalan Kuras Police,” Edy stated. “Our aim is to determine whether the child was truly abandoned and potentially subjected to mistreatment by the parents,” he added. “While there are signs of harm to the child, we need to delve deeper into the context and reasons behind this incident.”

It’s disheartening to learn about young children enduring suffering at the hands of their own parents. Regardless of a child’s mischievous behavior, resorting to violence against them should never be considered an option.

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