The following season of Wheel of Fortune will be Pat Sajak’s final spin as host.

An era is coming to an end. Pat Sajak, the show’s host for the past 40 years, has revealed his decision to hang up the microphone and leave the venerable game show.

Sajak originally hinted at his departure from the show back in 2021, so retirement has been a long time coming for him. In his words to Entertainment Tonight, “We’re closer to the end than the beginning.” Before viewers turn in and ask, “‘Ooh, what happened to him?’ I would rather go.”

The Daytime Emmy winner hinted at his exit once more the year after, telling the same publication he is satisfied he has performed his obligations to the best of his ability and is prepared to hand the reins over to someone else.

“Years pass quickly. The end is almost here,” he said. “Being in people’s living rooms for so long is an honor. People were greeting us outside. We are happy and proud.”

Sajak is prepared to say goodbye after appearing on “Wheel of Fortune” for over 40 years.

Pat Sajak will stop hosting “Wheel of Fortune” after the 2023–2024 season. In a tweet, the iconic host revealed he was ending his record-breaking reign as the longest-running game show presenter on television.

“Well, now is the right time. Our 41st season, which starts in September, will be my last, I’ve decided,” he wrote. “I’ll have more to say in the upcoming months. It’s been a beautiful trip. Thank you all very much.”

“A timeless symbol of hilariously dry humor and fun in my home… Thank you for 42 wonderful years,” one supporter commented. “I’ve spent the most of my life watching you! My favorite program is @WheelofFortune!” Another person said, “Thank you for all the lovely years.”

“Wheel of Fortune” has been directed by Sajak since 1981. Although he won’t be the host anymore, Sony Pictures Television revealed that he would continue to work on the program as a consultant behind the scenes.

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