Robert De Niro can’t hold back his tears

On the heels of the news that Tom Sizemore passed away on Friday following a brain aneurysm that occurred one month prior, directors, actors, friends, and fans have taken to social media to pay tribute to the late figure.

Sizemore stole the show with even minor parts in movies like “Point Break” (1991) and “Enemy of the State” (1998), but he was plagued off-screen by addiction, which was evident in films such as “Heat”

(1995) and “Saving Private Ryan” (1998). His enormous talent was evidently on display in these films.

“In 2015 Sizemore read… [actor Eric Bogosian’s] part at a table reading for Gems,” Josh and Benny Safdie, filmmakers, tweeted in reference to their film “Uncut Gems” (2019).

Improvisational theater “He improvised with the actor next to him (despite the fact that they were not in the action), sometimes thinking up fresh story aspects…

it made an entirely predictable experience unpredictable. RIP.”

Sizemore was able to hold his own on-screen against screen titans such as Robert De Niro and made an indelible impact in cult classics as well as films that won Oscars.

His career was plagued by substance misuse problems as well as convictions, which caused his star to begin to diminish at the turn of the millennium.

On February 18, the man who was born and raised in Detroit suffered a stroke that caused a brain aneurysm, which put him into a coma.

The medical personnel at a hospital located in the Los Angeles region had concluded that there was little possibility for recovery, and until Friday evening, Sizemore’s family had been debating whether or not to make an “end of life” decision.

Sizemore had reached the age of 61 years.

“Jeezuz. My name is Tommy Sizemore.. Gone,” actor Kim Coates wrote on Twitter. There were a couple of images that we had taken together.

That much talent. Such suffering. Our lives went in separate directions, but you should never forget the early New York nightlife. Good old days

And he is no longer there. I am so sorry that this happened. r.i.p., Tommy.

Not only the Safdies and the Coates used social media to pay their respects, but a lot of other people did as well.

Throughout the night, they were joined by numerous friends, filmmakers, and other individuals who celebrated his memory by sharing cherished memories and discussing their favorite Sizemore films.

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