“The Single Funniest :57 Seconds Ever Broadcast”: Tucker Mocks Davos “Lizard Overlords” And Internet Goes Wild [WATCH]

Tucker recently had an absolutely hilarious bit on his show. Mocking the WEF attendees and their weirdness, Tucker said “let’s check in on our lizard overlords” and then played a clip of some…horrendous singing at the Davos event. Predictably, the clip set the internet on fire. Some loved it, with Benny Johnson’s “The single funniest :57 seconds ever broadcast on live TV. Tucker Carlson is a living legend” caption summing up how many felt. Others on that side of things said things like:

One must ask… What are the Green House Emissions of a Vocal Flautist? They must be stopped; they are killing our planet!”

“Tucker has the best sense of humor of anyone in politics”

“What instrument does she identify as?”

“It should be part of every Americans night, to watch, enjoy and learn from this wonderful man.”

“I thought there was no way a musical performance could approach the cringe displayed by James Taylor and Frankenstein in France…wrong again.”

“My third grade music teacher used to sing like that. Half the class would laugh and half would cry.”

Just as predictably as the online right loving it was the online left hating it, saying things like:

He’s a living bigot.

Thank you for your admission that @FoxNews is nothing more than a widely viewed comedy channel. I see it every time I’ve watched it,but you’re a leading voice,so thank you!

“Tucker Carlson is a racist and a fascist”

“Wow. So his racist dog whistle was the single funniest :57 seconds ever on TV? Well thank God Tucker came. Because the entire world was waiting for this. Wipe the side of your mouth, there is something white there.”

“White man who lacks any sort of talent or cultural relevance making fun of a talented woman who is doing something he could never do… America!”

In addition to mocking it for being…personified by that weirdo with the flute, Tucker also skewered the WEF as being both buffoonish and highly destructive, saying:

Then it was the WEF that promoted Sam Bankman-Fried’s historic Ponzi, the biggest financial fraud in history. Apparently the savants at the World Economic Forum just couldn’t tell that this twitchy, pill-popping kid in cargo shorts, who literally played video games during interviews, was an utterly transparent scammer. They had no idea. They thought he was a genius, just like them.

And of course it was the WEF that predicted the COVID lockdowns would “quietly improve cities,” not turn them into ominous hellscape of unemployment, drug addiction and crime. It seemed like a good plan at the time. “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s prevent people from working. That’ll make them rich. It’ll quietly improve life for everyone.” That’s the World Economic Forum for you.

The WEF is often described as a group of supervillains, but they’re also hilariously idiotic – not just evil, buffoonish. And by the way, they know it. They’re smart enough to be embarrassed anyway. The WEF has since deleted its tweet about COVID lockdowns. It has memory hold. Its promotion of scammer Sam Bankman-Fried. It has conveniently forgotten all about its guidance on Sri Lankan fertilizer, on which it turns out the WEF is not an expert. None of that ever happened. The slate is clean.

So we’re ready for yet another World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, which is under way right now. The event kicked off this week with 84-year-old Klaus Schwab. He’s the founder of the WEF, promising to “master the future.”

Watch the video:


Featured image credit: screengrab from embedded video

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