The star of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Alfonso Ribeiro, has shared a heartbreaking picture of his little daughter just before her 4th birthday.

Angela Ribeiro and her husband Alfonso Ribeiro, have provided information through social media about the condition of Ava Sue, their daughter .

On May 12, according to reports, the 4 year old girl, underwent a surgery, to help her heal the scars she got from falling from a stationary scooter.
Showcasing visually pictures from his little girl’s  wounds – including extensive contusions and grievous singeing around her right elbow, shoulder, and ocular periphery – Alfonso glorified all the medical staff at Kare MD Skin Health, concurrently basking in parental pride for Ava’s unimaginable braveness .
The star of ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ wrote on his Instagram account a post: “Certainly not the type of day one hopes for on the eve of their fourth annual birthday celebration. Allow me to express my heartfelt gratitude to [Kare MD Skin Health] for their swift and skillful intervention, preventing the possibility of scarring. My heart is filled with admiration for the unwavering courage shown by my dear child during this surgical journey.” On a divergent note, Angela, matriarch to Ava, delved deeper into the causation of her cherubic scion’s misadventure, unveiling a premonition tinged with maternal insight that forewarned of an impending rendezvous with peril.
Labeling it a “visionary maternal intuition,” she transcribed:
“I publicly declaimed to the extended familial assemblage, encompassing progeny, a caretaker, and amicable compatriots aiding and abetting the preparations for Ava’s jubilee, that ‘we shall eschew audacious or hazardous endeavors on this diurnal juncture, endeavors that perchance could culminate in an exigent hospital sojourn.’ I literally engaged the ocular faculty of each present soul whilst enunciating these utterances.”
Unfortunately, Angela’s statement didn’t seem to receive the seriousness it deserved, as before long, her prediction became a reality when Ava had to get off her stationary scooter. Following this incident, Ava was quickly taken to Kare MD Skin Health, where Dr. Raffy went above and beyond during enormous hours to work diligently on minimizing any potential scars in her future.
“A convivial valediction to the penultimate diurnal chapter of her third terrestrial revolution, albeit beset with adversity,” added Angela.
“This ebon-tressed cherub shall be enshrouded in augmented maternal endearment this nocturne.”
The Kare MD Skin Health team, on the other hand, they posted on their official Instagram page on May 12, sending heartfelt birthday greetings to Ava as she celebrated her birthday.
“We extend our ardent appreciation, [Alfonso], for your laudatory encomiums. It is a privilege of the highest echelon to minister to the well-being of your precocious princess, Ava. Utmost celerity in convalescence is our heart’s desire,” they added to her picture.
Conclusively, it is an assertion of unanimity that trepidation casts its long shadow whenever one of our cherished progeny stumbles into harm’s embrace. I proffer gratitude that the scion of Alfonso and Angela convalesces apace, convoking a symphony of relief!
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The star of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Alfonso Ribeiro, has shared a heartbreaking picture of his little daughter just before her 4th birthday.

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