BREAKING: Comer Orders National Archives To Produce Unredacted Emails Between Hunter, Joe

House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-KY) on Wednesday sent a letter ordering the U.S. National Archives to turn over unredacted documents containing correspondence between then-Vice President Biden and his son Hunter related to the latter’s overseas business activities including his lobbying on behalf of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

According to its letter posted on X, the Oversight and Accountability Committee is requesting that the National Archives release unredacted records in contrast to those already posted on its website which have significant redactions of content.

“Complete versions of the records are relevant to the Committee’s investigation of the Biden family,” the letter states, citing examples such as when Eric Scherwin, a Biden family friend, wrote to Kate Bedingfield in the Office of the Vice President and provided quotes the White House should use if asked about Hunter Biden’s lobbying on behalf of Burisma. Later that day, Bedingfield replied, “VP signed off on this.”

The timing of the exchange coincides with testimony by former Hunter business partner Devon Archer who claims that Burisma energy executives were asking the duo to use their influence in Washington to relieve “pressure” the company was under via a corruption investigation being conducted by prosecutor Viktor Shokin.

The crux of the entanglement between Comer and the National Archives revolves around whether the exchanges between Biden, Hunter, and their respective associates and employees relate to the functions of the Office of the Vice Presidency or fall under the “personal records” exemption to the Presidential Records Act. Rep. Comer maintains that his committee, which is investigating Biden for potential criminal abuse of his office, has the right to access these records.

By having access, the committee writes, potential future abuses by White House occupants may be avoided.

“The Committee’s need for these Vice Presidential records is specific and well documented. The Committee seeks to craft legislative solutions aimed at deficiencies it has identified in the current legal framework regarding ethics laws and disclosure of financial interests related to the immediate family members of Vice Presidents and Presidents — deficiencies that may place American national security and interests at risk,” the committee wrote.

“The Committee is concerned that foreign nationals have sought access and influence by engaging in lucrative business relationships with high-profile political figures’ immediate family members, including members of the Biden family,” it added.


Rep. Comer has spearheaded Congress’ investigation into the Biden family, one that has implicated up to nine members in business transactions using various shell companies to funnel millions of dollars in payments from companies connected to individuals under investigation or communist governments and dictatorships. President Biden has maintained his innocence despite testimony by Archer, Hunter’s former business partner, that he personally witnessed dozens of meetings where Biden participated, including those with executives at Burisma.


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