Pat Sajak discusses his health problems. He believed he was going to die from the pain.

“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak, in his first post-surgery interview, shared the harrowing experience of his blocked bowel emergency a month ago. Severe pain during a morning walk led to surgery. Sajak described enduring severe pain during a morning walk with his daughter last November. Hours later, he was writhing in agony, prompting doctors to consider surgery.

Recalling the pivotal moment, Sajak said the excruciating pain persisted despite several medications until one finally brought relief. He vividly remembered feeling disconnected from the world, with his wife and daughter’s voices sounding distant. He began to wonder if this was what death felt like, expressing concern for his family’s future.

Thankfully, Sajak survived the surgery, and he humorously admitted that he was simply feeling the effects of the medication, not facing death. Sajak’s procedure was a “total success,” with no underlying cause found for the intestinal blockage. He reassured that he felt great, had resumed hosting “Wheel of Fortune,” and had no need for lifestyle changes.

He playfully mentioned co-host Vanna White possibly taking over but remains confident in his role.

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