Mom dies while giving birth to daughter from rare childbirth complication

When women give birth to their children, we frequently forget how fragile they can be.

There are many things that can go wrong nowadays even with the advancements in medical science.

The unfortunate thing is that this family lost their loved one due to a rare issue that occurred… To find out more, continue reading.

Kelli Tyler was expecting her fifth child at the time. The young Oklahoman mother was thrilled to become a mother for the seventh time. She was frequently updating her followers on her pregnancy.

However, Kelli unfortunately lost suddenly from a rare birthing complication not long after giving birth for the sixth time.

As she got ready to have another baby, Tyler altered her Facebook profile photo last week. She went dead the next day.

“The amniotic fluid got into Kelli’s bloodstream [and] she was losing blood more than she could take in,” Julie Roach, Tyler’s mother, explained. “I think the last words my granddaughter said — she said — were, ‘I’m about to faint.’”

Amniotic fluid embolisms are a “dangerous and life-threatening complication,” according to the Cleveland Clinic. When someone delivers a baby or soon after giving birth, it may occur.

It is potentially fatal since it is “very difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can be similar to other serious complications during childbirth.”

The website for the Cleveland Clinic says this is why “for reasons that are mostly unknown, some people have a severe allergic response to amniotic fluid mixing with their blood.” This can lead to cardiac arrest, uncontrolled breathing, or lung failure.

“She would come around for a minute or so and she would code again,” Roach recalled her daughter’s final moments.

Jalie, Tyler’s daughter, was being born at the moment. It is unknown at this time whether Jalie’s difficult birth will cause any long-term health issues. It won’t be revealed to the family “until she grows up some more.”

“Jalie won’t get to know her mom in person. but she’s gonna know her mom. We have pictures, we have recordings that we’re going to play over and over,” Roach said.

To aid with the unanticipated medical expenses and ongoing needs for the upkeep of the newborn and family as they go through this painful time, the family established a GoFundMe fundraiser. Since it began a week ago, the fundraising has raised three times what it aimed to.

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Such a tragic story. We wish the family the best as they deal with this loss. Share this with others so that more people may be made aware of this uncommon problem.

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