She didn’t lose her natural beauty and married a billionaire: how does Patrick Swayze’s widow live today? Life goes on. Patrick Swayze’s widow maintains her natural beauty and has found love again with a billionaire💑🌟Look at the photos of the happy couple following the link in the comments 🥰👇👇

Patrick Swayze’s steadfast devotion to his one and only wife persisted throughout his life, and she reciprocally stood by his side until his passing. Twelve years ago, at the age of 58, the American actor’s life came to an end.


A joyful romantic drama may easily be based on the lovely love story of Swayze and his wife Lisa, the stars of the film “Ghost”. They continued to look deeply in love at each other’s eyes even after 34 years of marriage.



The American dancer met his future spouse during the late 1970s when he was still in his early 20s. Lisa was only 15 years old and enrolled in ballet school at the time. She behaved differently from other girls because she didn’t swoon over him. Patrick’s heart was captured by Lisa’s cold-bloodedness and aloofness.





After some time, Lisa finally reciprocated, and their romantic sentiments began to blossom. Swayze and Neimi exchanged vows and got married in 1975. The couple struggled through the pain of losing a child together even though they were unable to become parents.

Fans learned about Lisa and Patrick’s exceptional friendship from their friends’ accounts. Career ups and downs as well as obstacles in their personal lives only served to deepen their bond.


They were more than just husband and wife; they also shared a close friendship and enjoyed dancing together. They later started a business together, their exceptional bond being further solidified by their many shared interests.

Another obstacle was overcome thanks to their strong friendship. Following the tragic passing of his father and sister, Patrick’s battle with alcohol addiction became apparent, creating severe difficulties. Nevertheless, his devoted partner stood by his side throughout and provided encouragement and support to enable him to kick the habit and resume his normal life.

The well-known “Dirty Dancing” actor struggled with serious health concerns in 2008. He sadly only survived for another year and a half because his time was running out.

Patrick’s widow struggled with the idea of starting a new relationship for five years following his passing because she saw it as a betrayal to her late husband. But as time went on, she saw that Patrick had always wanted her to be happy and to carry on living her life even after he was gone. Lisa’s heart grew warm at this realization, and she started to wonder if she may ever fall in love again.


Lisa Neimi first met billionaire Albert DePrisco in the years before 2012, and as time went on, they formally wed and became husband and wife. Currently, at the age of 65, Lisa and the American jeweler are happily married and sharing a home in Florida. She still captivates with her amazing appearance, and her innate attractiveness hasn’t faded with time.



Lisa is content with her present marriage, but she still treasures her late husband’s memory. On her blog, she frequently posts heartfelt images of herself and Patrick that show off their youth, love, and happiness as a couple. These moving pictures pay tribute to their unwavering love and the wonderful times they had together.

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