The Unbelievable Results of 200 Plastic Surgeries: What Does She Look Like Now?

This lady, who goes by the name Lacey Wildd, has undergone a whopping 200 plastic surgeries and spent over $800,000 on them. She hasn’t held back when it comes to altering her appearance. A significant portion of the money she spent was sent to her by fans from Europe, and they chose to remain anonymous.

However, despite all the perks like fame, extravagant gifts, and income, she doesn’t feel completely content. Lacey admits that her looks are quite unusual, which attracts paparazzi who follow her around, filming her on their phones. Consequently, she rarely goes out. She understands that people like her often face judgment and criticism.

Moreover, her body requires constant attention due to the numerous surgeries. Lacey has to diligently manage her weight to ensure that her implants and fillers remain in their proper places. Undertaking further corrective actions could be risky.

While she doesn’t regret the transformations she has undergone, Lacey firmly believes that girls should avoid plastic surgery for as long as possible. She warns that once you start altering your appearance, it becomes difficult to stop.

Furthermore, any surgical intervention comes with a hefty price tag. Even if you have enough money, Lacey advises people to think long and hard before trading their lives for their looks.

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