Grandma Wins Lottery That Pays Her $10,000 A Month For The Next 30 Years

In the quaint town of Dorking, nestled in the picturesque county of Surrey, a remarkable story of luck and serendipity unfolded, promising happiness and financial security for a local grandmother. Doris Stanbridge, a spirited 70-year-old, found herself the recipient of a life-changing lottery prize that would grant her £10,000 every month for the next 30 years. This incredible windfall has not only brought newfound prosperity but also renewed her zest for life, giving her a goal to live to the remarkable age of 100.

Doris’s journey to becoming a lottery winner was an extraordinary one, filled with whimsical twists of fate. It all began when she encountered some money spiders in her home and garden. These tiny arachnids are known in folklore for being harbingers of good fortune, and Doris took this as a sign to try her luck.

The pivotal moment arrived during Doris’s 70th birthday celebration. Amid the joyous festivities, she checked her email and discovered a message from The National Lottery. Excitement coursed through her as she opened the email, unsure of what awaited her.

“I logged on to the App, thinking I had won £10, and then saw ‘Congratulations, you’ve won £10K Thousand a month for 30 years,’” Doris recounted with astonishment. She immediately turned to her husband, Keith, seeking confirmation. “I said to Keith, ‘have I read that right? Does that say what I think it says? No, it can’t be!’”

Still in disbelief, Doris approached her son-in-law, hoping for a second opinion. Together, they celebrated her incredible win by popping open a bottle of birthday champagne. The morning after this surreal revelation, Doris received official confirmation from The National Lottery, sealing her destiny as a Set For Life winner.

“It still seems a bit strange when I think about the win and that I will get that money every month for 30 years. It gives me a reason to be around until I am 100!” Doris declared with a smile that reflected her newfound optimism.

Since their life-changing win, Doris and Keith have embarked on a delightful spending spree, treating themselves to a new bed and an airfryer. The couple also indulged in a memorable holiday in the picturesque landscapes of Cornwall, sharing the experience with their extended family.

However, their plans don’t stop there. The Stanbridges have their sights set on revamping their cherished home, which they’ve lived in for half a century. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to pamper their loved ones with an overseas vacation, an experience that holds special significance for them.

“It will be my grandson’s first trip on an aeroplane,” Doris remarked with enthusiasm. “I have been looking at a villa in the country with a pool, and sunshine all the time!”

Doris’s moment of triumph came on August 3 when she participated in The National Lottery’s Set For Life draw. On that fateful evening, her luck shone brightly as she matched all the winning numbers: 2, 11, 17, 30, 38, and the Life Ball 3.

This remarkable twist of fate has brought immeasurable joy and excitement into Doris Stanbridge’s life. Her story stands as a testament to the unexpected twists of destiny and the transformative power of a little good luck. As she embarks on her journey as a Set For Life winner, Doris looks forward to celebrating many more milestones, embracing her family’s dreams, and cherishing each day with newfound gratitude.

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