«Like two peas in a pod»: this is how the attractive son of famous Clint Eastwood became

Clint Eastwood is very famous actor who is well-known from the roles in American westerns. The handsome actor conquered millions of women hearts with his masculinity and attractiveness.

Many women fall in love with him and he became a real hero for them. Although there were many ladies in his life nevertheless he had just two marriages.

But we can surely say that the actor was not a devoted husband for his wives. Clint Eastwood never covered up his relationships with different women. Our today’s hero was born as a result of extramarital affair.

The actor for a long time wanted to acknowledge his son.

At first Clint was sure that Scott is not his son. When Scott was 16 years old he met his father first in his life. Clint was very surprised when he saw the resemblance to him in his childhood.

He realized that there was no need for a DNA because he looked like his father very much. At last Scott began to trust his father which pleased him. Scott chose the profession of actor and model. We can surely say that it was the right decision.

The actor’s fans were shocked seeing his son. How much can father and son look like each other?

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