They noticed him digging huge holes and filling soil sacks in the backyard

Alex Dodman of Essex, UK, began an ambitious undertaking in the summer of 2020: building a swimming pool in his garden.

He and his partner, Sarah, had recently moved into a new property requiring attention and talent.

To save money, Alex acquired the majority of the materials for the task on Facebook, saving him thousands of dollars over hiring professional contractors.

Alex was in charge of everything, from moving materials to renting a digger and excavating the site.

He also did his tiling and plumbing, lowering the total cost of the renovation to roughly $10,000—a fraction of what it would have been if he had gone the standard route.

Alex accomplished his objective of providing his family access to their private sanctuary through hard work and commitment.

Alex’s most recent effort is his most ambitious to date. Alex has taken on the task of entirely rebuilding the family house after moving in with his fiancée Sarah, a human resources manager, and their two children, Allie and Eddie.

He’s previously proven himself to be a capable do-it-yourselfer, having saved 75,000 pounds by building his own home theater and gym.

Now he’s doing something even more impressive: providing a home for his family.

Alex fantasized about building his swimming pool, and when he noticed a section of his garden that needed some work, he decided to become an amateur builder.

He took it upon himself to conduct a study and gather information about the entire process to ensure the project was completed correctly.

He did a lot of research on the right tools and methods to make sure that his lofty goal of building a pool in his backyard was possible.

Alex had always imagined having a swimming pool in his backyard, and he was confident that putting one together would be simple.

On his lunch break, he came across an internet video tutorial that encouraged him to take quick action on his goal, so much so that by the end of the day, he was already planning to rent a mini digger.

After getting the tools he needed, Alex immediately learned that building the pool was more complex than he had thought.

He had to spend time, energy, and money and use complex problem-solving skills to get through the problems he didn’t expect.

Nonetheless, Alex’s goal was realized with persistence and patience, and he now has an appealing sanctuary in his backyard.

Alex was inspired by a YouTube video of a woman building a pool in Holland to take on the project himself. He was determined to proceed even when Covid caused an unavoidable delay.

He obtained the necessary materials and hauled them home with his two hands, then leveled the ground in preparation for the construction procedure.

Alex fulfilled his significant objective through arduous effort and commitment, stating that he “did every last part of it all by himself.”

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