The man moved to a new house where a not so pleasant surprise awaited him … See what he found there!

Before buying a house, you should definitely check if there are any unpleasant surprises. Otherwise, all the impressions of the housewarming party can be distorted and spoiled.

Andrew Noyce spent his entire life in the United States of America. The man worked for a long time to move to a more prestigious area,

and finally saved for his own house in San Francisco. After checking, Andrew began to notice a strange rumbling sound coming from the ceiling.

In order not to endanger his safety and finally solve the problem, the man invited a beekeeper to his house.

Noyce immediately guessed that he had encountered a hive of some sort of flying insect.In addition,

the man noticed dozens of dead bees at the entrance of the house.This made him very nervous, and understandably so…

The beekeeper was able to find the nesting place of the bees using a thermal imaging device and a stethoscope.

To remove the beehive from the house, it was necessary to cut the ceiling. It turned out that all the insects in the hive had died a long time ago.

Noyce was harassed by robber bees who smelled the honey of their dead brothers and started collecting it.

It has become clear for the owner of the house and the beekeeper that it will not be possible to get rid of the problem together.

Therefore, the beekeeper invited a partner. It was only through the efforts of three grown men that the cabin was freed from this scourge.

Fortunately, Mr. Noyce recognized the problem quickly. Proximity with bees, especially aggressive representatives of the robber species, can be fatal for humans.

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