28 “Watch-Me-Twice” Photos

1. Look again!

2. Mom! There’s something right there…


© imgur

3. View from the 9th line of V.O. on a rolling liner

© Silumin / pikabu

4. What head belongs on what body?

© imgur

5. The jinnee is free!


© SonyCOX / pikabu

6. I can’t believe this ain’t photoshopped!


© imgur

7. The cameramen’s shadow looks like a labrador


© imgur

8. When the Shadow is prettier than the object


© imgur

9. Perfect moment!


© iProcione / pikabu



11. At least the shadow stands strong

© iProcione / pikabu

12. Is that an elephant?

© iProcione / pikabu

13. Found real Deadpool with his son

© imgur

14. Batman is here

© LexDee / pikabu

15. Apocalypse or just a cup of tea?

© lanavi / pikabu

16. No. That’s not a boat. It’s a shadow.

© MattKat / pikabu

17. Nice job!


18. Can you count?

© holykash / pikabu

19. I’m already dead just by the thought of it.

© JackOz / pikabu

20. Wait, what?

© iProcione / pikabu

21. A flying boat

© imogen / pikabu

22. The shadow of this fence is a piano

© reddit

23. I’ve heard you might like this – my protractor fits this cork coaster perfectly

© imgur

24. Oh, gosh! Oh…

© Dako / pikabu

25. Giraffe’s shadow looks like a unicorn

© reddit

26. UFOs?

© Romqua / pikabu



© Jakerda / pikabu

28. Camouflage



Which one caught you by surprise? Let us know in the comment section.

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