Man forgets wife after toilet break toilet and drives 100 miles without her

A husband accidentally left his wife on the side of the road during a toilet break and carried on driving 100 miles before he realised she was not in the vehicle.

According to Thai news site Matichon, Boontom Chaimoon and Amnuay Chaimoon set off on Christmas Day to drive through the night to her hometown in the province of Maha Sarakham, in central northeastern Thailand.

During the trip, Boontom, 55, pulled his Isuzu pickup over to the side of the road so he could urinate.

After he stopped, Amnuay decided she would also relieve herself and ducked into a nearby jungle for a quick bathroom break.

But when the 49-year-old returned to the road, Boontom and their vehicle was no where to be seen, leaving her stranded in the dark.

To make matters worse, she had no money or phone on her, so had to seek help on foot.

Thirteen miles later – just shy of a half marathon – Amnuay made it into the centre of Kabin Buri where she found a police station around 5am.

She pleaded with police to help her find her husband, whose phone number she could not remember.

Police located Boontom’s number, but despite calling him 20 times he didn’t pick up. He reportedly didn’t notice as drove on blissfully unaware of the predicament he’d left his wife in.

When he eventually realised Amnuay wasn’t in their vehicle, Boontom was 100 miles away.

He then had to turn back and collect her.

According to reports, Boontom had believed his wife of 27 years was sleeping in the backseat the entire journey.

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