Vera Wang, 74, looks ‘half her age’ in stunning birthday photos

Vera Wang, 74, looks ‘half her age’ in stunning birthday photos

Vera Wang is showing off her timeless beauty.

On Wednesday, the fashion maven left fans awe-struck with her age-defying looks after sharing a carousel of Instagram photos marking her 74th birthday, which she celebrated on June 27.

For her “saloon” birthday party, the iconic designer posed in a sleek, all-black ensemble including thigh-high stockings, a mini skirt, a bandeau top and platform booties. She accessorized with a black handkerchief scarf and a wide-brimmed hat.

“Vera’s Saloon,” the caption reads.

Wang’s “eternal beauty” garnered praise from fans asking her to point them in the direction of “the fountain of youth.”

“She looks half her age — it’s actually nuts! Ma’am please point us to the fountain of youth,” a fan wrote, while another chimed in, “OK, I can’t believe this woman is 74 years old and look this damn good.”

“She’s aging backwards,” someone else penned.

“Younger every year,” echoed another.

One person shared: “I hope I look this good at 74, sheesh!”

This isn’t the first time Wang has been praised for her age-defying looks. Back in 2020, she shared photos of herself modelling her own designs for David’s Bridal, leaving fans once again stunned by her youthful appearance and toned figure.

“You would be really shocked,” she told Elle, adding, “I didn’t expect the reaction to be so huge. I just thought we were just selling some barrettes!”

The designer admitted that the photoshoot was an impromptu decision while she was at home during COVID.

“I live alone, obviously,” she explained. “And so those photos were taken during quarantine as kind of a laugh, but also a real refusal to give up.”

“I had a collection to promote with no models, no photographer, no hair, no makeup. But I was in Miami, and you know, you cannot beat Miami sunlight at 5 p.m. It is goddamn gold, you know what I mean? You could be Jack the Ripper in front of it and he would look good,” she added.

So I said, “Look, we’ve got these barrettes we want to show. Let me just put them on Instagram.’ I threw on a [Palm Angels] sports bra because it was too hot for anything else — it was like, 95 degrees!”

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