Elvis Presley’s 1962 private jet has finally been sold, and the interior is breathtaking.

Elvis Presley was more than just a skilled singer with a beautiful voice. He also had impeccable taste and design, mainly regarding his jet.

Elvis got his customized jet, a Lockheed Jetstar model built to his specifications, complete with mahogany paneling, sumptuous crimson velvet couches, and luxury carpeting, in 1962. The interior’s splendor would astound even the most discerning critic.

Elvis Presley’s airplane sat inactive for over three decades until he died in 1977 when it became a popular tourist attraction on the road in Roswell, New Mexico.

However, it was recently auctioned off in Florida for a stunning $260,000 to a telephone bidder who claimed to be an Elvis enthusiast. This plane became an iconic symbol of the King of Rock’s legacy and his perfect sense of elegance and style.

Elvis and his father, Vernon Presley, must have been overwhelmed with joy and grandeur when they first ascended to the sky in their private plane.

To provide the perfect trip experience, no expense has been spared. Indeed, even in the skies, Elvis displayed his incredible talent and attention to detail as a designer. It’s little surprise that his plane became an iconic element of his legacy long after he died.

Elvis Presley’s jet, Lisa Marie, after his daughter, has fibbed dormant for over thirty years in a remote region of New Mexico.

Although the plane’s exterior has lost its glamorous appeal and has taken on a light red tint, it remains in very decent shape despite the time.

Upon entering this unique aviation history, one is immediately impressed by the opulent decor. The interior walls are paneled in traditional oak, and the seating is upholstered in the most luxurious crimson velvet imaginable.

One can’t help but imagine the King of Rock himself lying in one of these seats, wearing a striking pair of sunglasses and bathing in luxury.

The seating area is big and comfortable, with enough room for passengers to spread their legs during a journey.

Behind the main dining area is a small kitchen. While the kitchen is small, it has everything you need for food preparation, including a vintage microwave.

One can’t help but imagine Elvis preparing one of his famed sandwiches—a unique concoction of peanut butter, mayonnaise, bacon, and banana—and warming it up in the microwave before devouring the delectable delight.

Elvis established a legacy of unparalleled luxury and style with this album, cementing his status as the undisputed king of rock and roll!

Although the aircraft restroom is stunning, it might use more elegant elements like velvet and a more sophisticated sink. Nonetheless, it is a massive improvement from the tiny bathrooms aboard charter aircraft.

I lucked out and saw Elvis in his best holiday outfit while looking for the restroom, which added to the experience.

The plane was auctioned off on January 8 at the Mecum Kissimmee Collector Car Auction in Florida, with the winning bid of $260,000.

The new owner chose to put their bids over the phone anonymously. This sale represents a significant milestone for the aircraft, and we are excited to see where it goes next.

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