Farmers don’t think anything unusual about brown cow until he turns 4 and refuses to stop growing

Meet Tommy, a colossal Brown Swiss steer who hails from the Alps and has found a loving home on a New England farm.

Brown Swiss are usually the big guys of the dairy world, and Tommy is no exception.

His owner, Fred, has a knack for raising calves and saved Tommy from auction back in 2010.

“Tommy was named after Tom Brady, who at the time was the quarterback for our beloved New England Patriots football team,” shares Laurie, Fred’s daughter.

That’s right, this GOAT (Greatest of All Time) steer is named after a GOAT quarterback!

Now, you might be thinking, “Is Tommy dinner material?”

But hold your horses—or cows, in this case.

Laurie quickly set the record straight: Tommy is a cherished family pet.

“People frequently joke about eating Tommy, but he’s going to be buried on this farm when his time comes,” she insists.

Don’t let Tommy’s towering size and impressive horns fool you; he’s a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

“Despite his size and his enormous horns, Tommy has a calm and peaceful demeanor,” Laurie says.

Brown Swiss are known for their kind disposition, and Tommy lives up to that reputation.

His easygoing nature might also have something to do with him being a steer, which is a castrated bull.

Bulls can be quite the handful, but not our Tommy.

Tommy isn’t just a hit with adults; he’s a kiddo magnet too.

He has a special way of lowering his head so that even the tiniest of hands can reach up and pet him.

“He is always very aware of where my dad is and watches him intently whenever he is around,” Laurie adds.

The love and care Tommy has received from Fred is visible, making him an incredibly gentle and friendly animal.

So, what’s a day in the life of Tommy like?

Well, it involves a lot of munching!

Tommy eats three times a day—or more—and his diet includes about 30 pounds of dry grain, over 75 pounds of hay, and a whopping 35-40 gallons of water.

That’s one thirsty steer!

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