An unfamiliar person assists Granny when she gets lost at the airport. The moment she finds out who he is, her mouth drops open…

At some moment or another, everyone of us might use some assistance.

There will come a time in everyone’s life when they need help, regardless of their age or how young they are.

That time came for Nancee Lingg, 82, when she arrived at Appleton International Airport after a lengthy trip.

The elderly lady strained mightily to carry her heavy baggage, but there was no one present to help her.

So a tall man volunteered to assist her with her baggage, which she graciously accepted.

The predicament of the elderly lady did not get better after that point.

Nancee and the kind-hearted stranger overheard a flight attendant letting them know that someone with a wheelchair would be waiting for Nancee when the plane landed.

As soon as they stepped off the aircraft, they saw that there was no one around and that each of the wheelchairs had been folded into its storage compartment.

It’s possible that this is what drove Nancee to ask for help from a member of the staff, but a kind stranger intervened instead.

He asked Nancee if he could push her, and she said she didn’t mind at all.

Nancee did not discover who was helping her until she finally caught up with her granddaughter and asked her.

You could easily see Nancee and her aide enjoying a pleasant conversation as they were making their way through the airport.

When it came to Nancee, on the other hand, she was blissfully unaware of her good fortune until the day she saw her grandchild.

Teresa Lingg Knuth, who is Nancee’s granddaughter, saw the Green Bay Packers tags that were on the baggage of the unknown person.

In response to her inquiry as to whether or not he was a part of the team, he revealed himself to be none other than running back Aaron Jones.

After exchanging a few words with the two ladies, Aaron posed for photographs with them and then left.

Teresa, however, was not the only one who spotted Aaron.

Aaron’s generosity was not ignored, as it turned out.

The photograph of the Packers player was taken by the user “Momica” on Twitter, who then uploaded it on the social media site.

She wrote the following in a tweet:

“I just saw Packers Aaron Jones push a random lady through the Appleton airport because there was no one else there to push her,” said the witness. “There was no one else there to push her.”

Twitter users expressed their gratitude for Aaron’s hard work and dedication.

In response to the tweet, Teresa posted several images to her Instagram account showing Aaron with her grandmother. She captioned each shot, “That’s my grandma!” The acclamation rose to an even higher pitch.

Then the news reached the coach…

As soon as the head coach of the Packers, Mike McCarthy, heard about the incident, he released the following statement:

“Let me just say this about Aaron Jones and our players: I’m grateful that everyone else gets to see what I get to see almost every day,” he said. “I’ll just say this about Aaron Jones and our players.” I mean, this is a great place to keep your belongings. Because of the sort of character that we have in our locker room, we have had an incredible amount of good fortune and privilege.

Given all of these factors, Aaron’s kindness should not come as a surprise…

The content of Aaron’s Instagram page reveals that he is a kind and giving guy.

A number of the pictures that describe the running back’s life show how fan-oriented the athlete can be. These pictures may be found among the pictures that show his life.

Take a look at this photo of Aaron posing with two young fans in front of their favorite local cereal as he’s smiling.

This demonstrates that you are never too big or famous to assist someone in need.

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