Most people think these cupboards are pointless. Here’s how to properly use them

Making the most of available space and keeping your home or office tidy require creative storage solutions.

Regardless of the space—your office, home, or any other—smart storage solutions can make a big difference.

Cooking can be difficult and disorganized when there is not enough room in the kitchen, which frequently results in a messy and unusable workspace.

But what about those cupboards above the fridge?

Make use of the little cabinets over the refrigerator to access a useful but frequently disregarded organizing tool. These tucked-away areas may help you keep your kitchen organized, declutter, and maximize its storage capacity. We’ll explore a variety of techniques for optimizing the usefulness of these cabinets and offer real-world instances of their effective application.

Storing Appliances You Rarely Use in That Space Above the Refrigerator

A main use for the cabinets over the refrigerator is to store little appliances that you don’t use every day in the kitchen. Here are a few instances:

  1. Food Processor: This cabinet is ideal if you only break out the food processor now and then for chopping or slicing.
  2. Blender: Keep your blender tucked away yet within reach for those rare smoothie desires.
  3. Waffle Maker: Save this cabinet for appliances like a waffle maker, which see less regular use but remain vital when needed.

Bins or Baskets

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