New House Smells Strange So Man Checks Vents And Find This

James and Mandy Fiser’s dream home purchase has taken a dark and unexpected twist. The couple, married for five years, recently moved into their long-awaited dream house in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, only to uncover unsettling mysteries that have left them questioning their decision.

The couple’s enthusiasm turned to dread when they stumbled upon a mysterious floor hatch in their kitchen, a detail overlooked during their initial tour with the realtor. Determined to unlock the secrets hidden beneath their new home, the couple discovered a key tucked away in an unexpected location – inside a vent in their home office.

Upon opening the hidden door behind an antique cupboard in the kitchen, the couple descended into a dimly lit basement filled with vintage furniture, wine barrels, and framed pictures. However, their discovery did not end there. In a small, locked hatch within the basement, the couple found a box containing old recipes and, to their astonishment, the original blueprints of the house dating back to 1887.

As the Fisers delved deeper into their new abode’s history, they realized that their dream home had a darker past. The box also contained strange jars with preserved foods and, more disturbingly, various animal carcasses. The couple’s dog, Scout, had been barking incessantly at a corner of the living room, leading them to yet another hidden vent not present in the updated blueprints.

Disturbed by the gruesome discovery, the Fisers contacted professionals to investigate further. The maintenance team, equipped to pry open the mysterious vent, uncovered a horrifying scene – jars filled with putrid liquids and several animal carcasses and bones.

In a surprising twist, the maintenance team revealed that such findings were not uncommon in old Victorian houses in Pennsylvania. The artifacts were linked to a tradition known as “powwow,” a ritual healing practice combining elements of religion and belief with health and healing. The Fisers were told that the previous occupant, an old lady, likely engaged in these practices for healing purposes.

Despite the cultural context provided by the maintenance team, James and Mandy Fiser decided to remove the unsettling artifacts to eliminate the disturbing smell and create a more comfortable living environment. The couple expressed relief at finally understanding the source of the strange occurrences and are committed to making their dream home truly their own. The house, now free of the mysterious remnants, is ready for the couple to continue building their lives without the haunting secrets of the past.

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