“He just has a giant brain,” Paris Hilton reacted strongly to internet comments about her son’s head.

Being well-known and renowned may be a lot of fun—imagine having infinite income, attending elaborate red carpet events, and socializing with society’s elite—but being in the limelight also means enduring criticism and scrutiny.

Paris Hilton has direct knowledge of this due to her time in the spotlight.

However, the situation recently deteriorated when aggressive internet trolls questioned the looks of her small kid.

The reality TV star turned entrepreneur was compelled to defend her 9-month-old son Phoenix Barron after disparaging remarks about him appeared on social media.Paris, known for her unshakeable confidence, did not hesitate to protect her eldest kid and defend herself.

Paris and her husband Carter Reum used a surrogate to bring Phoenix into their family earlier this year. Phoenix is their first child together; Carter previously had a daughter called Evie. They have navigated the trials and rewards of parenthood with love and commitment as new parents.

Paris shared a snapshot of herself cradling her child on social media during their recent trip to New York. There was a young family present.

Some folks in the comments section were pretty disparaging about Phoenix’s head size. nasty remarks like “Man, you’ve got a lot of thoughts up there” and “I heard this baby was developed in a lab.” And she didn’t carry it,” surfaced, prompting others to react adversely as well.

“There are some sick people in this world,” Paris stated, expressing her annoyance at the unjustified criticism. My angel is thriving. He has seen a doctor; he is simply extremely bright.

She said, “[My parents] are just so obsessed with him.” I consider myself extremely blessed to have a strong support network in my close-knit family, and my sister Nicky Hilton and I are always available for advice over the phone.

This most recent episode serves as a reminder that celebrities are still vulnerable to internet harassment and criticism. Children should never be subjected to hatred and abuse, but Paris’s bravery in confronting the cruel trolls proves her unwavering love for her kid.

How do you feel about the situation? Tell us in the comments section below!

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