NFL reporter reveals death of 2-year-old daughter following cancer diagnosis.

Doug Kyed, an NFL writer, has disclosed that his two-year-old daughter died nine months after her terrible leukemia diagnosis.

According to accounts, tiny Hallie Kyed was given a stunning blow in April 2023. Her father, Doug, who works for the Boston Herald, announced on Instagram that his daughter passed away in January 2021.

Kyed said that things had become worse after Hallie relapsed following a bone marrow transplant.

“Hallie died peacefully in her sleep on Sunday morning as Jen and I held her hands in bed,” Doug stated in an email. “We feel absolutely lost and devastated without Hallie. “Our lives will never be the same.

Following Hallie’s recurrence, Doug stated that the family was attempting to remain optimistic despite the evident challenges in his daughter’s journey.

“I’m choosing to stay positive,” the reporter remarked at the time.

“Hallie has overcome every challenge AML has thrown at her thus far. This will undoubtedly be her most difficult test, but if anybody can overcome it, it is our fearless little Hallie Bear.”

However, Doug told them that they “knew the prognosis was poor when she relapsed after her bone marrow transplant, so the whole family spent special time at the hospital last week, but we held out hope for remission because of how brave, strong and resilient Hallie had been through her entire nine-month battle with acute myeloid leukemia and all of its complications.”

According to the American Cancer Society, acute myeloid leukemia begins in the bone marrow but spreads swiftly into the bloodstream. Then it can spread to the lymph nodes, liver, spleen, and central nervous system.

Doug told the Boston Herald that he has spent over half of his nights in Boston Children’s Hospital since his daughter was diagnosed last year.

“My wife and I have switched off between caring for Hallie and our 5-year-old, Olivia, at home,” he said.

Jen, Doug’s wife, characterized the loss of her daughter as leaving a hole in her heart.

“There is a giant hole in my heart, and the pain is excruciating,” Jen Kyed explained. “I will never understand why or how something so horrible can happen.”

Rest in peace, Hallie.

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