Husband Constantly Mocks Unemployed Wife for Doing Nothing, Finds a Note after Ambulance Takes Her Away

A man ridicules his unemployed wife, only to come home one day to find her gone. In her search, he discovers a note revealing she intends to divorce him. Can he stop her from doing so and save their marriage?

It was a bright, cold October morning, and Harry was excited about his gaming app presentation, a project he had poured himself into for the past six months.

As the clock struck eight, Harry entered the dining room, preoccupied with his phone, barely acknowledging his wife, Sara, and their sons, Cody and Sonny.

“Morning, honey,” greeted Sara.

“Good morning, Daddy,” the boys chimed in unison.

Ignoring them, Harry grabbed a toast and rushed back to his room.

“Sara, where’s my white shirt?” Harry’s voice boomed from the room.

“Morning, honey,” greeted Sara.

“Good morning, Daddy,” the boys chimed in unison.

Ignoring them, Harry grabbed a toast and rushed back to his room.

“Sara, where’s my white shirt?” Harry’s voice boomed from the room.

“I didn’t have enough whites for a full load until now. You have other white shirts!!”

“This is a big day for me, and you’re making excuses?” Harry retorted.

“You’re overreacting, Harry. Your presentation is what matters. It’s just a shirt. So stop barking, alright?”

“Oh really? I’m barking? You wanna do this now?”

“Do what, Harry? You’re making a scene for a stupid little thing. And nobody would be interested in what color shirt you’re wearing when all eyes would be fixed on your goddamn presentation.”

“A goddamn presentation? Come again…Did you just say that? Do you have any idea how I’ve been busting my butt off day and night for that project?”

“Watch your words. The kids….”

“You sit at home all day doing nothing,” Harry blurted out. “Is it too hard to remember one simple thing? All you do is Blah Blah Blah and NOTHING at home.”

“Harry, stop this. The kids are watching. You’re scaring them.”

“Oh really? And nobody watches you when you’re on the goddamn phone gossiping all the time with your friends. Nobody watches that, huh, Sara? You can never be a good wife if you can’t do even a simple thing for me!”

Harry dressed up in a random suit and stormed out of the house, grabbing his briefcase.

After a successful presentation and bagging the promotion, Harry anticipated an apology call from Sara – something she always did after their fights. But this time, there were no calls.

Thinking he would win her apology anyway, he returned home with white roses but found the apartment empty. A note from Sara on the table read, “I want a divorce.”

Confused and worried, Harry called Sara’s sister, Zara, who informed him that Sara was in the hospital. Harry rushed to the hospital, only to face an angry Zara. “You told her she was not ‘wife’ enough for you?”

“Look, we’ll talk about this later, alright?”

Harry rushed to meet the doctor. “Doctor, is my wife alright? Can I see her?”

“It was a mild attack. She’s out of danger. But she needs to take care of her health now. Go ahead and only ten minutes coz she needs to rest.”

Harry shakily walked into the ward, trying to force a smile as he approached Sara.

“Honey, I’m sorry. Please, let me explain. I—”

“I don’t wanna hear anything. I’m done. Divorce is the only thing I want.”

“Wha-What? Why…You’re taking it too far, alright?”

“I had ambitions, plans… I chose you over every opportunity, and it ruined my life,” she said. “It’s too late for your sorry, Harry.”

“Honey, please. We can work this together,” he pleaded.

“No, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t be fake to myself. To you. And to the kids. I’m 32, but I feel like a crone. I just hate you, Harry. You’re so disgusting.”

“What about the kids, Sara?”

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